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CRW (Canopy Relative Work) – Records


2way Sequential Open
2way Sequential Pro-Am
4way Sequential
4way Rotation
8way Speed
Large Formation


Records and events

In Zephyrhills, FL, jumpers completed a 26-way diamond. Mike Lewis was the main organizer.

Jumpers from Canada did a national big-way sequential record camp in August. They completed a 2 and 3 point 22-way Sequential jump. Francois Huot was the main organizer.

Russian also completed two records. First, they did a Full Break 2 point 15-way in September and then two unofficial 10-ways at night.

CF jumpers from the US and one from Canada did Full Break 2- and 3-point 25-ways in November. Those were World records in that category. The event was held in Lake Wales, Fl and Chris Gay was organizing.


Records and events

In Sebastian, Fl in March, there were big-way sequential record jumps. Jumpers made 3 point 37-way. Later in the day, they made a new Night World Record, 36-way. Brian Pangburn was the main organizator.

Finnish jumpers set a European big-way sequential record in July. They completed a 3 point 8-way in Vesivehmaa, Finland. Pasi Pirttikoski was organizing.

Jumpers from Russia did a national big-way sequential record camp in August. They completed a two point 21-way in Krutitcy. Denis Dodonov was again the main organizator.

Chris Gay organized the big-way sequential world record camp in Perris, CA in October. The group of jumpers did 2 point, 3-point and finally 4-point 43-way World Records!


8th FAI European Canopy Formation Championships and 10th FAI World Cup of Canopy Formation was held in Strejnic, Romania – 17-20 August, 2019. The French 2-way team took the Gold in the World Cup and European Championships. Russia took gold in rotation.


Records and events

Jumpers from Russia set a national CF record 28-way in August. European CF jumpers held a record camp in Teuge, the Netherlands in September. They completed a 30-way, a new official European Record.

In November there were two different events in Florida. At the first, Black List event jumpers did 20-way box formation, open it to a 14-way frame and a wingsuiter few through it! On the third jump, XRW (Iain Jensen and Will Kitto) flew through it! Scott H. Lazarus was the main organizer of the event.

The other event was in DeLand, Fl. The team Qatar did 25-way Night World Record.


The 18th FAI World Canopy Formation Championships was in Gold Coast, Australia. Dates of the competition were 6th to 14th of October. Airplanes were Twin Otters. Russia won rotation, France 2-way sequential and Qatar took gold in 4-way sequential!


Records and events

June 14, 2003 Night 16-way Diamond


Records and events

June 1, 1985 22-stack La Ferte Gaucher, France

June 16, 1985 23-stack Spaceland, TX USA

Aug. 28, 1985 British Royal Marines built a 22-way Night CRW stack.

Sept. 22, 1985 28-stack New Hanover, PA USA


Records and events

1979 World Record Canopy Relative Work Stack of 12Karen Dean, Don Bucklin, Nancy Kurlin, Patt Valley, Andy Spurlock, Terry Burris, Jeff Saunders, Brian Barrett, Jim Fangmeyer, Roger Gardner, Chris Miliken, Jayne Marchant and Scott Haslem.